Kyle's Top Food Picks

  1. Foodland (Poke & Korean Friend Chicken)

  2. Mitsuken (Breakfast Combo or Garlic Chicken)

  3. Leonard's Bakery (Original Malasada)

  4. Zippys (Chili & Zip Pac)

  5. Shige's Saimin (Saimin)

  6. Elena's (Adobo Fried Rice Omelet)

  7. Dong Yang Inn (Meat Jun)

  8. Helena's (Laulau)

  9. Dave's Ice Cream (Haupia or Ube or Kulolo Ice Cream)

  10. Matsumoto Shave Ice (Guava + Lilikoi Shave Ice w/ condensed milk)

  11. En Fuego (Garlic Chicken or Seared Ahi)

  12. Yummy's AKA Pearl's Korean BBQ (Meat Jun & Fish Jun or BBQ Mixed Plate)

  13. BOB's Bar-B-QUE (Mixed Plate)

  14. Highway Inn (Hawaiian Food)

  15. Kim Chee Restaurant 7 or any Kim Chee Restaurant (Lunch Special or Mixed Plate)

  16. KauKau Grill (Surf & Turf)

  17. Koa Pancake House (Macadamia Nut Pancakes)

  18. Ruby Tuesday (Chicken Katsu Loco Moco) - BREAKFAST ONLY - Note that this is a chain restaurant with some unique menu items during breakfast hours

  19. Ramen Ya (Any Combo)

  20. Curry House (Katsu Curry) - Note that this is a chain restaurant with locations in Japan

  21. Genki Sushi (Sushi) - Note that this is a chain restaurant with locations in California

  22. Goma Tei (Saimin)

  23. Chun Wah Kam (Manapua & Dim Sum)

  24. McDonalds (Portuguese Sausage, Egg, & Rice Platter; Taro Pie or Haupia Pie; Saimin) - Note that McDonalds has unique menu items in Hawaii

  25. L&L (Chicken Katsu, BBQ Mixed Plate) - This is a chain, but you can visit the original location in Liliha

Note: A lot of locals and tourists like Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, but I personally don't think that they're anything special. I think the average person can cook shrimp better than they do. Also, they use frozen shrimp that isn't even grown in Hawaii. Everyone always assumes that their shrimp is fresh from Hawaii, because they park their truck up on the North Shore where the shrimp farms are. Its a marketing gimmick and its kinda lame to me. Send me a picture of you eating at the shrimp truck. I dare you. Also absent is Big City Diner. They're pretty good for Kim Chee Fried Rice, but its a hit/miss. I've found that the consistency has declined so it didn't make the list.