May 2022 - Honored to receive Stanford's Community Impact Award!

April 2022 - It's Official - I'm running for the US House of Representatives, District II in Hawaii! I'm the first candidate to file! Excited!

April 2022 - Yay! We just received a $200,000 seed grant from PHIND center at Stanford to work on a new health app!

March 2022 - Honored to be recognized as student of the month by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society!

March 2022 - Presented an invited talk as part of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society's Student Success College and Career Readiness Spring Webinar Series!

February 2022 - Invited to serve on a panel for a seminar talk at University of Hawaii (ME492), Graduate Student Life

January 2022 - I just started TAing for Introduction to Mechatronics, ME210 at Stanford!

January 2022 - Article by Harvard SEAS for my work with Honua Scholars!

January 2022 - Recognized as OUTSTANDING PROJECT in Andrew Ng's CS230: Deep Learning course!

October 2021 - We were featured in the AISES Winds of Change Magazine! Check out our article about Honua Scholars!

September 2021 - Honored to be one of the 10 Native Stem Enterprises to watch of 2021!

September 2021 - Thankful to have been accepted for the AISES ASSIST Travel Assistance and Professional Development Program!

September 2021 - Honored to have received the AISES Aristocrat/VGT Scholarship!

September 2021 - Honored to have received the AISES Intel Growing the Legacy Scholarship!

August 2021 - Our new paper about layered manufacturing for soft actuators is online!

August 2021 - Honua Scholars received its second grant!!! Mahalo to Stanford Vice Provost for Graduate Education for supporting our mission!

July 2021 - Honua Scholars hosted a "What is Graduate School?" STEMinar and a "How to write your NSF GRFP" workshop!

June 2021 - Honua Scholars received its first grant!!!! Mahalo to the Hawaii People's Fund for supporting our mission!

May 2021 - Our work-in-progress paper was accepted into the 2021 IEEE World Haptics Conference!

May 2021 - Honua Scholars hosted its first STEMinar with over 150 participants!

February 2021 - We received a Precision Health and Integrated Diagnostics (PHIND) grant for one of my research projects!

October 2020 - Honua Scholars started its first cohort of free 1:1 STEM tutoring!

August 2020 - I was chosen to be a member of Stanford School of Engineering's Equity and Inclusion Initiatives Active & Sustainable Partnerships for Inclusive Recruitment/Outreach in Engineering (ASPIRE) Team!

July 2020 - Our paper was chosen as a Best Paper Finalist at RoboSoft 2020!

June 2020 - I was selected to be a part of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society's Lighting the Pathway Program

April 2020 - Our ICRA 2020 paper was nominated as Best Human-Robot Interaction paper!

March 2020 - I was selected to be a Community Associate for Stanford starting this summer

March 2020 - Thankful to have been awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

February 2020 - One of my past projects is going to the International Space Station - Maui News - Biolab Built on Maui Headed to the Space Station

January 2020 - My paper entitled "AFREEs: Active Fiber Reinforced Elastomeric Enclosures" was accepted into Robosoft

January 2020 - A paper I co-authored entitled "Human Interface for Teleoperated Object Manipulation with a Soft Growing Robot" got accepted into ICRA

May 2019 - I was accepted into the Stanford University Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Mind, Brain, Computation, and Technology Training program! - Stanford University - Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute

March 2019 - My first conference paper entitled "3-DOF Wearable, Pneumatic Haptic Device to Deliver Normal, Shear, Vibration, and Torsion Feedback" was accepted into the World Haptics Conference

December 2018 - One of the papers I helped with got published - Current Biology - Closed Loop Control of Active Sensing Movements Regulates Sensory Slip

April 2018 - Happy to have received the Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science and Engineering and the Stanford Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education Fellowship! - 2018 VPGE Fellows - Stanford University

November 2017 - Some of my work was put in the JHU Bulletin - Johns Hopkins University Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics - Active Sensing and Adaptive Control in Electric Fish Under Virtual Feedback

November 2017 - Finalist for best poster award - Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology - Division of Biomechanics Newsletter

October 2017 - My abstract entitled "A new experimental system to test how the brain learns novel locomotion dynamics" was accepted into the SICB National Conference

June 2017 - Our class final project got highlighted by Harvard SEAS - Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science - Science that Soars

May 2016 - Our internship program got mentioned in the media - Maui Now - Students Named to High Tech Internships

April 2016 - Our robotics club got highlighted by Harvard SEAS - Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science - Harvard Undergraduate Robotics Club

April 2016 - My internship profile is online - Akamai Workforce Initiative Profile - Kyle Yoshida

August 2015 - One of my lab-mates published a blog on our summer work - University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology - Bridging The Gap

December 2014 - Received the Kalino Foundation Scholarship - Kalino Foundation - Kalino Foundation Looks to Improve the Health of Hawaiians Through Education

November 2014 - One of my classmates published an article about our recent Hawaiian exam - Civil Beat - How the Hawaiian Language Got to Harvard

November 2014 - We can now take the Hawaiian language exam at Harvard - NBC News - Hawaiian Language Gains Legitimacy at Harvard

November 2014 - We took a Hawaiian Language exam at Harvard - Oiwi TV - Community News - How the Hawaiian Language Got to Harvard, Harvard Crimson - Hawaiian Language Placement Test Offered for First Time in Three Decades

May 2014 - 4th place from the American Society for Microbiology at the International Science Fair - Hawaii State Department of Education - Hawaii Students Impress at 2014 Intel ISEF

April 2014 - We hosted the first TEDx event at my high school - TEDx Youth @ Kamehameha - Nature's First Green: Nurturing Passions

November 2013 - My results from my 2K swim - Turkey 2K Swim Results