Hawaii Travel

What should I know?

Please watch the video below before traveling to Hawaii. In addition to the information presented in the video, please understand that there are indigenous people and that Hawaii is a sovereign nation under the forced occupation of the United States since the overthrow of our Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893. Our people are still struggling daily to fight disparities in healthcare, education, jobs, and much more. We continue to face colonization and gentrification while foreigners bask in the illusion of an island paradise. To help us, please travel pono (properly with respect & morals). Additionally, you can help by volunteering your time, talents, and/or treasure. I've left a few links here that you can take a look at, but please reach out to me if you'd like to know more ways that you can get involved. 

Organizations that you should take a look at! 

Which island should I visit?

Each island has a slightly different assortment of activities. Some islands are much stronger at certain aspects than others. This table contains my personal rating for a bunch of common activities that you might find yourself doing. 

Some pointers on how to use the table: 

Check out some of my favorite food stops and places to see across Hawaii!

Which airline should I take?

You should fly with Hawaiian Airlines! Its a locally-based airline that supports and works with a lot of organizations in our local community! If you are flying from a United Airlines Hub, then I recommend taking United Airlines! Its my most favorite airline, and I love how they use the 777-300ERs on this domestic route (they are primarily used for international travel).